Keadyn leads 600,000 EURO investment round in Otrium

*Otrium founders Max Klijnstra & Milan Daniels

Amsterdam-based startup Otrium closed its second seed round, raising a total of €600k. The young founders, Max Klijnstra (25) and Milan Daniels (24), already raised €200k earlier this year. With this new investment round, the young founders have raised a total of €800k within just nine months.

On the wave of this new investment, the Dutch duo have attracted a prominent fashion industry influencer and they are looking to expand their reach and accelerate the growth of their marketplace for stock sales.

The new investment was led by the investment firm Keadyn, and it comes after earlier investments from the founders of Funda, Media Monks & Albelli.

Martijn Don of Keadyn: “Otrium is thé new contender in terms of online fashion stock sales. The founders Max Klijnstra and Milan Daniels obtained unbelievable results in the course of barely 9 months."

Martijn Don, Founding Partner Keadyn

Otrium is a solution to excess inventory in the fashion industry and it allows end-consumers to get exclusive access to online stock sales of renowned and up-and-coming brands.

The marketplace is growing consistently with a month-over-month growth of over 10.000 members and new brands are signing up to the platform every week.

“Nearly every fashion brand struggles with an abundance of excess inventory; too often beautiful items are just left to collect dust in warehouses. Otrium is the first e-commerce platform that offers a promising solution: fashion brands are now able to sell their excess stock directly to a vast community, whilst fashion lovers will be able to take advantage of attractive markdowns. The brands ship all orders directly from their warehouse in order to ensure quick delivery whilst securing high profit margins for the fashion brands"

Milan Daniels, Founder Otrium

The new investment is already getting put to work and Otrium wishes to expand their business abroad. Otrium is currently only operating in The Netherlands, but these two young founders already have their eyes set on bringing in a total of 300 international brands within the next two years.

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About Keadyn

Keadyn is a Dutch-based seed/early stage investment company, with offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. They are set to disrupt the venture capital ecosystem, driven by the strong belief that the days of traditional investing are over.

Keadyn takes on a radical new approach towards venture investing by not working for the money, as traditional funds do, but with the money. Keadyn has a passionate entrepreneurial culture and is looking to invest + add value to early-stage startups with great teams that act lean, think big and move fast. Keadyn was the first investor in Rocket Internet’s Nestpick and current investments include Bird Control Group & and Otrium. Focus areas include marketplaces, ecommerce and fintech. Keadyn works with a global talent pool of experts that add value to the ventures they invest in.

Keadyn sees big opportunities in Europe, with the Netherlands as a key entry point and 'the rest of the world for scale’.