Amsterdam based start­up ABOSS raises 200k in a seed round and on­boards Keadyn as new investor, preparing for international expansion.

Amsterdam­ based startup ABOSS closed its first seed round, raising a total of €200k to support international expansion. With the arrival of Keadyn, ABOSS on­boards the necessary knowledge and expertise to bring both the company and the product to the next level.

In the Netherlands ABOSS already gained the trust of Dutch artists like Armin van Buuren, Oliver Heldens and leading Dutch booking agencies such as David Lewis Productions, Hekwerk Theaterproducties and 010 Bookings. With Keadyn on board, ABOSS is expanding their business globally as they’ve now recognized that the problem they’re solving is universal and stretches across borders. ABOSS is already serving clients in the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Australia.

"ABOSS is a great step forward in terms of efficiency and accuracy for artists, artist managers and booking agencies in the music industry. ABOSS proves to add value for the biggest names in dance scene. We are proud to be part of ABOSS and look forward to work together on solving a real problem for music professionals around the world."

Martijn Don, Founding Partner Keadyn

"Having worked in the music industry for many years we have seen the struggle of artists trying to focus on their creative talents while practical things get in the way. We believe that a magical thing such as music should never be obstructed by practical issues; back-office bullshit. That’s why we’ve built ABOSS, a suite of online tools to improve efficiency, provide insights and create transparency between artists, bookings agents and managers. To make sure each of these can focus on what they do best to make magic happen. Whether it’s producing music, guiding the artist, or connecting the art of music with fans and venues around the world."

Arvid Silos, Co-founder ABOSS

With co­investors such as Tom Holkenborg (a.k.a. Junkie XL), Fatih Kahyaoglu (former commercial director ID&T) ABOSS has won the hearts of many experts in the fields.

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About Keadyn

Keadyn is a Dutch-based seed/early stage investment company, with offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. They are set to disrupt the venture capital ecosystem, driven by the strong belief that the days of traditional investing are over.

Keadyn takes on a radical new approach towards venture investing by not working for the money, as traditional funds do, but with the money. Keadyn has a passionate entrepreneurial culture and is looking to invest + add value to early-stage startups with great teams that act lean, think big and move fast. Keadyn was the first investor in Rocket Internet’s Nestpick and current investments include Bird Control Group & and Otrium. Focus areas include marketplaces, ecommerce and fintech. Keadyn works with a global talent pool of experts that add value to the ventures they invest in.

Keadyn sees big opportunities in Europe, with the Netherlands as a key entry point and 'the rest of the world for scale’.