Keadyn leads 300K seed investment round in Monyq

Monyq is founded by Igor Kluin, who previously started Qurrent, an innovative renewable energy company,  

The investment was made in collaboration with Minerva and Monyq management.

“The funds allow Monyq to further prepare and develop our products for the market launch later this year. Going live is our main focus right now and this helps us get there.” To date Monyq has raised around 400K euro (450K USD)„ Founder and CEO of Monyq Igor Kluin

About Monyq

 Monyq wants to free people from outdated banking by offering a new, simple user in- terface for your money. “Our dream is to bypass banks;; to move beyond banking”. The company will launch a debit card and money app later this year. Monyq was founded by Igor Kluin, who previously founded Qurrent, an innovative re- newable energy company, and co-founded De Groene Zaak, a green business lobby group. Kluin runs Monyq together with co-founder Marc van Putten who is the company’s cfo.

About Keadyn 

 Keadyn is a Dutch-based seed/early stage venture investment company that provides hands-on operational involvement via it’s network of functional experts. Keadyn invests solely in tech-based startups. The Keadyn circle consists of experienced and successful entrepreneurs that bring along a large international network.

“We understand what it takes to be a founder and we understand the challenges startup entrepreneurs face. Our key differentiator to other investors is that we add value in all areas to the companies we are part of with hands-on involvement”.„ Martijn Don, Keadyn co-founder

Further information

For further information about this press release and Monyq please contact Igor Kluin via

For further information about Keadyn, please contact Martijn Don or Ohad Gilad via

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About Keadyn

Keadyn is a Dutch-based seed/early stage investment company, with offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. They are set to disrupt the venture capital ecosystem, driven by the strong belief that the days of traditional investing are over.

Keadyn takes on a radical new approach towards venture investing by not working for the money, as traditional funds do, but with the money. Keadyn has a passionate entrepreneurial culture and is looking to invest + add value to early-stage startups with great teams that act lean, think big and move fast. Keadyn was the first investor in Rocket Internet’s Nestpick and current investments include Bird Control Group & and Otrium. Focus areas include marketplaces, ecommerce and fintech. Keadyn works with a global talent pool of experts that add value to the ventures they invest in.

Keadyn sees big opportunities in Europe, with the Netherlands as a key entry point and 'the rest of the world for scale’.